Director/VP, Editorial Lead - Confident and Technical

Location: New York, NY
Position Description
The primary responsibility of the Director/VP of Editorial is the overall and day-to-day management of the Editorial department, including delegation of editorial assignments, review of editorial performance, conflict resolution, staffing, and interdepartmental coordination (Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Creative, Account, Senior Management).
The Director/VP of Editorial is the point person for all things editorial. The ability to analyze situations from multiple angles and provide calm leadership in resolving the problems before or as they arise is crucial.
  • Day-to-day management of the Editorial department
  • Act as liaison with other agency departments in a collaborative manner
  • Maintain high level of competency within the Editorial department
  • Review of editors’ work for accuracy and consistency with brand guidelines
  • Initial editing, copy revisions, rewriting
  • Fact checking against approved support material
  • Developing and maintaining brand style sheets with each therapeutic area/or client
  • Attending all necessary brand status meetings
  • Assigning support to other editors as needed
  • Hiring freelancers when needed and managing workload
  • Mentoring other editors and provide growth plans as needed
  • React to needs quickly, confidently, and efficiently
  • 7+ years’ experience in a pharma agency/medical communication editing capacity
  • Experience
  • Detailed knowledge of FDA guidelines that concern advertising
  • Go-to source for questions about the AMA Manual of Style (10th edition)
  • Thorough understanding of scientific terminology
  • Ability to analyze abstract data from high-science support material and ensure its accuracy in the current assignment
  • Knowledge of project parameters to help other departments work with Editorial in regard to timelines and project goals
  • Ability to work independently, proactively, and under tight deadlines
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Team is comprised of 4 people. 1 Director, 2 Sr. Editors, 1 Editor. They tap into freelancers when needed.
  • This person needs to be technically on point, have excellent leadership and mentoring skills, and confident to move things along fast and accurately
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